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A Theatre Podcast About Broadway Flops, Scandals and New Works

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   The Show

On Monday, February 20, 2017 while walking through Brooklyn and discussing the wild story of the musical "Rebecca", Pamela and Ebony bonded over their love of musical theater and true crime. By the end of the day the duo realized they'd stumbled upon a great idea for a podcast that married the things they loved seamlessly; musical theater, rooting for the underdog and true crime.  Their podcast would be about shows that didn't find their audience while on Broadway or never quite made it to the Great Bright Way. Their podcast would teach their audience about these shows and new shows so that listeners would be encouraged to seek out a new show to love.

They began releasing episodes in June of 2017 and at the time there was no place for podcasts like theirs to live so they forged ahead on their own. And then, two years later, The Broadway Podcast Network came into existence. The moment Ebony heard about it, she wanted to be a part of that theater community and in 2020, during a global pandemic we made it happen! Theatre Geeks Anonymous is proud to be a member of the Broadway Podcast Network family! 

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Ebony Vines

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Pamela Shandrow

Producer & Host

Editor & Host

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